International Relations as a Social Science

The purpose of this BISA working group is to bring together scholars and students interested in questioning the way we think and we do IR, be it from a theoretical, epistemological, ontological or methodological perspective. The group aims to be pluralistic and fosters fruitful dialogue with participants from all areas of international studies. It is centred on developing questions and areas often overlooked, marginalised or taken for granted in the discipline (for instance, our last two workshops focused on problematising ‘the local’ and ‘the international’ as categories of analysis, and on accounting for the performativity of academic discourses). Overall, the group is an invitation to push the boundaries of the discipline and decenter ourselves from the way we routinely do IR by being open to approaches from other disciplines be it sociological, regarding the end of domestic/international dichotomy, or philosophical in regards to the status of positivism in IR or how scientific IR can be.

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